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Mr. Burns and Smithers

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R001 - Me writes in English [Aug. 1st, 2004|10:10 pm]
Mr. Burns and Smithers
[Feel |stressedstressed]
[Sound |Brother playing the guitar]

The fatidic moment minus fourty one hours.

The Regine entity is in a state of utter panic, though she appears to be calm and under control.

Since she has spent the last few days sewing intensively, she now has the unpleasant feeling that she is not even close to being ready for this "trip a deux".

List of things to do absolutely tomorrow:
- finish mini-Lamies and bring him to his happy owner
- pack up (list of things to bring is to follow)
- buy new headphones
- burn CDs

List of things to bring (open to suggestions):
- clothes, swimsuit, toilet accessories
- plushies, fabric and sewing accessories
- camera
- Barnabé costume and mask
- Vic doll
- RPG notes
- Batman episodes on tape
- Stand Up! episodes + Lilies on CD
- CD player + CDs
- book
- crossword puzzles book + pen for the bus