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G002 - Journal de bord d'un trip à deux [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mr. Burns and Smithers

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G002 [Aug. 2nd, 2004|11:26 pm]
Mr. Burns and Smithers


[Feel |goodgood]

The representatives of the Gen subject would like you to forget them for writing the first entry in a foreign language. Please understand that it was to keep some informations confidential.


Today, the Gen entity did some more cleaning. The hall and practically all of the bedroom can be considered as done. Her brain has trouble adjusting to the reality that Reg will be with her to start that trip a 2 in not even 24 hours ^^. Readers, do not worry, this is only a temporary effect that will fade out in time.

Another grocerie has been done, Ruffles and Cheetos bought as well as a bottle of Peach Juice since Vic will be among the Reg entity and has his needs.

Tomorrow gotta:
-Clean kitchen, bathroom.
-Wash my clothes!
-Do the dishes..
-Buy milk
-Get money from an ATM
-Call my sisters to confirm their venue date.
-Go get Reg at the bus terminal!

Yaaaaaaayyyy !!

Mike: *crossing his fingers* Please make it that she forgets the Vic doll, please..
Gen: No, I miss him. Admit that you do too.
Mike: .......